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Upgrade to Proteintech antibodies


Looking for an alternate antibody supplier? Whether your antibody is discontinued, out of stock or simply not working, you can find an alternative product from the Proteintech catalogue using the Antibody Upgrade Search Engine.

Every Proteintech product is manufactured and validated in-house, meaning complete control over quality and lot-to-lot consistency.

· Antibodies raised against whole protein immunogens

· Specificity verified by KD/KO validation for reproducible results

· 90,000 product citations worldwide

· Open access original validation data

· Product-specific protocols

· Purpose-built GMP-grade facility in Chicago, IL



GeneCopoeia shRNA clone sets on sale


OmicsLink™shRNA clones from GeneCopoeia are guaranteed to knock down the expression of your target genes by 70% or greater. They are available for over 60,000 human, mouse and rat genes.

· Renewable source of RNA Interference with unlimited supply

· Viral or non-viral vectors for your specific research needs

· Enrich or select: Available with either eGFP or mCherry reporters, or Puromycin or Hygromycin resistance