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Water Testing Kits

Environmental monitoring and adherence to strict guidelines is paramount when conducting business. Concentrations of compounds found in water and soil samples need to be quickly and accurately determined both in the field and in the laboratory.

Available from United Bioresearch are a broad range of soil and water testing kits from such suppliers as Hanby Environmental and Abraxis. Monitor TPH levels on site with the all inclusive test kit from Hanby. Test recreational waters for algal toxin levels with the Abraxis range of on-site strip format test kits or use the Abraxis portable photometer to read ELISA plates in the field. Water Testing Kits for testing Cyanotoxins (fresh water) and Dinoflagellates (shellfish poisoning) are available in a range of formats such as magnetic particle and competitive ELISA's.

Pesticides such as Atrazine, Diuron and 2,4-D can be accurately monitored with the use of the Abraxis range of highly sensitive microtitre plate ELISA's and magnetic particle tube kits.