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Protein Expression

Protein expression and production are widely used processes in many areas of life science and biotechnology and are also of interest to researchers working in industry and drug discovery.

Our range of products from leading International manufacturers cover all aspects of protein expression research and include Ubiquitin Research Tools, SUMO Expression Systems and Heat Shock Proteins.

Maximise your yield of soluble, functional protein by using theo reliable SUMO-tag expression systems available from LifeSensors. Available in E.Coli, Mammalian, Insect and Yeast cells with a variety of vectors, proteases and antibodies.

Closely monitor successful protein expression and folding with the range of assay kits and reagents from Enzo Life Science. Investigate the highly conserved Heat Shock Proteins with the Stressgen range of products or detect protein aggregation with the ProteoStat product portfolio. Drug induced cellular stress can also be shown via our series of cell based assays for MMP or ROS.

Autophagy is another important aspect of the protein expression, Proteolysis and Protein Degradation System. Our range of CELLestial Live Cell Analysis Kits enable researchers to visualise the cellular response via incorporation of exceptional fluorescent probes.

Our supplier GeneCopoeia also offers both pre-made recombinant proteins as well as a custom protein expression service. Both eukaryotic and prokaryotic expression systems are available.