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It is without doubt that Immunoassays are a popular, convenient method to measure presence or concentration of an analyte in a solution where many different analytes may be present. United Bioresearch Products supply a comprehensive range of Immunoassay and ELISA kits to aid researchers in all areas.

Available from United Bioresearch are hundreds of Immunoassays developed and manufactured by our suite of suppliers. Sensitive, specific assays for obtaining quality biomarker results in the fields of drug discovery, signaling, inflammation, oxidative stress, toxicology and more.

High-specificity competitive ELISAs for detection of small molecules have also been developed by companies such as Enzo Life Science and have shown to provide consistent reproducible results.

Another of our suppliers, Biomedica, produce an innovative range of Immunoassays for cardiovascular research and investigation into bone metabolism. Researchers interested in microvascular injury, chronic kidney disease or Ischemia may find the Biomedica Endostatin ELISA of significance. This assay has a wide dynamic range, requires a small sample volume and results can be obtained within 4 hours.

Oxidative stress researchers who are interested in the relationship between the formation of free radicals and biological peroxides found in circulation, may find the Biomedica OxyStat Immunoassay to be an essential part of their research. This colourmetric assay determines total peroxide concentration and is quick and simple to use.