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Bone Metabolism

Bone metabolism is a lifelong coordinated process of bone resorption and formation which renews the skeleton whilst maintaining its structure. United Bioresearch, in conjunction with Biomedica, offer a range of innovative immunoassays for the determination of bone metabolism markers.

Biomedica’s range include a highly referenced Sclerostin ELISA which could be of interest to researchers working with kidney and cancer induced bone diseases, rheumatoid arthritis
and osteoporosis.

Direct measurement of human Dickkopf-1 is another method to determine bone metabolism or Wnt signaling problems. Biomedica’s DKK-1 ELISA gives accurate results with small sample volumes and without the need for sample predilution.

Researchers focusing on cardiovascular disease or osteoporosis may find Biomedica's Osteoprotegerin (OPG) ELISA of interest. OPG has been shown via numerous studies to be an independent risk factor for the progression and onset of cardiovascular disease. Biomedica’s ELISA has been optimised for clinical samples and fully validated for use with human serum and plasma.