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Nano-Traps for Immunoprecipitation - Request a free sample

The ChromoTek Nano-Trap system provides fast, reliable, and effective immunoprecipitation (IP) of fusion proteins. More than 2,000 peer-reviewed articles have already been published using ChromoTek's Nano-Traps.

The Nano-Traps consists of recombinant VHHs (Nanobodies) against a target of interest, coupled to one of three types of beads: agarose, magnetic agarose, or magnetic particles.

Nano-Traps provides the following advantages:

  • No heavy and light antibody chains
  • Very high affinity (KD=1 pM  for GFP-Trap)
  • Effective, complete pulldown of fusion proteins.
  • Allows for stringent washing
  • Low background



  • Immunoprecipitation (IP) / Co-IP
  • Mass spectrometry
  • On-bead enzyme assays
  • ChIP / RIP analysis


Immunoprecipitation scheme of protein of interest (POI) with a Nano-Trap (left) and with a conventional IgG antibody bound to Protein A/G. Please note the single band purification with the Nano-Trap. The pull-down with the conventional IgG antibody results in additional bands.


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