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Proteintech antibodies have been designed and raised against the whole recombinant protein, rather than a single peptide antigen. This gives their antibodies superior protein recognition capabilities and versatility, meaning you can use them in any application.

In many assays, epitopes are destroyed or hidden; for example, the cross-linking process of IHC severely compromises protein structure. In these situations, antibodies raised against a peptide will normally lose their effectiveness as they recognise only one epitope – there is a higher chance of losing the recognition site for that antibody entirely. Whole protein antigen-generated antibodies however, are a mixture of many IgGs specific for the target protein, so even if many epitopes are lost there is a much higher probability of successful binding.

Proteintech Group make every single one of the antibodies they sell, giving them complete control over their quality and validation. You can access any validation data instantly due to their systematic validation procedures and records. This information is available online via datasheets and through their P-View database.



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