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TPH Hydrocarbon Test Kits

For on-site sampling of soil and water contamination.

The Hanby method offers a revolutionary solution to obtaining on-site samples that potentially contain petroleum related substances.  Field testing is inherently costly, time consuming and, quite often, unreliable.  The Hanby method is designed to provide a precise colour indication of the concentration of petroleum (gasoline, diesel, crude oil, etc) in field samples. 


Hanby TPH Soil Kit

Each kit contains sufficient samples for 15 tests (15 test refills also available).


15 Ampoules Extraction Reagent
15 Vials of Color Development Reagent
15 Screw Top Test Tubes w/ Scribed Measurement
6   Screw Top Test Tubes
1   Wooden Test Tube Rack
1   Photo Calibration Book including variety of Contaminents
6   Beakers
1   Electronic Balance
1   Waste Bottle
1   Graduated Cylinder
3   Pairs of Safety Gloves1   Pair of Safety Glasses
1   Safety Manual
1   Procedure Manual
1   Instructional DVD
1   Case with Foam Inserts